A healthy take on an Adelaide favourite.

Do you love the odd late night trip to the kebab shop but dread the wave of guilt that comes with the morning after?

Crudo is home to Adelaide’s newest Food Challenge, The Guilt-Free AB. The clue is in the title, taking inspiration from those late night calorific eats, we created our own, healthy version to
satisfy the cravings. Do you have the stomach size to conquer this mammoth Food Challenge?


Made from your choice of meat, charcoal grilled zucchini, sweet potato and eggplant. Topped with tomato sauce and mustard.


Free Meal + Crudo T-Shirt + week of build your own salads



Time Limit:

25 Minutes


336A South Road, Croydon Park

If you can’t face a food challenge but fancy the Guilt-Free AB, it’s now also available as a permanent fixture on the menu available in Small and Large sizes.
Small: $12.90
Large: $18.50
Food Challenge: $40